Service M.W.A Thailand

          M.W.A. Welding (Thailand) Company has established and experienced over 20 years. We are the official distributor, as well as distribute many import products such as

          - BP Castrol official distributor.
          - Electric Welding and Plasma Cutter.
          - Welding, Cutting and Gouging equipment.
          - Metal Polish equipment , Safety,Gauge Argon, Co2, Oxygen, LPG, Acetylene.
          - All types of Electrode such as Mig, Tig, Flux Core and Submerged Arc .
          - All Cleaners such as Weld cleaner and Rust cleaner, including Gas leak detector spray and etc.

          Furthermore, Our Company also provides administrative service for welding system and maintenance, including technical and after sale Service.

          - Lubrication system Service, by our experienced teams who can reach customers’ factory within 24 hrs.
          - Advices Service, about products by our experienced teams.
          - Used oil analysis lube survey Service.
          - Maintain Service, such as electric welding and Cutting Machine within 3 days.
          - Rent electric welding and Cutting Machine Service, in week and month term.
          - Extra Machine Service, in case a machine from our company spoils.
          - 1 year warranty of Machine products and free of spare parts and fees.

         Transportation Service

          - Ship a product within 3-5 days
          - Able to ship a product for urgent case