About M.W.A International


           This company is a subsidiary of M.W.A. Group, was established on 2010 by Mr. SuriyathamPonwatparisorn (The founder and Managing Director) and Mrs. WorawalunPonwatparisorn
(CFO), who have experiences in welding and industrial lubricants over 20 years.

          We are the TOTAL official distributor, who provides the various choice of high quality of products and services. TOTAL is a French company, who is one of the most well-knownmanufacturers in oil and lubricant industry.

          As well as the official distributor of Nevastan, the manufacturing of food grade products. Using Nevastane food grade lubricants instead of traditional products allows you to avoid serious consequences for both the consumer and your brand image. The best machine designs can’t always rule out incidental contamination of food by lubricants from leakage, drip, spatter, or even mistakes. Nevastane food grade lubricants are perfect for food safety and performance for maximum productivity.

          Moreover, our service is also covered automatic lubrication system by our experience team, who can satisfy customers within 24 hours. As well as, we also offer the “After Sales Service” in terms of provide a consulting and the on-going technology information to clients.

          Our main customers are sugar mills industry, which we are serving a service more than 30 plants. Moreover, we also have customers from others industrial such as Cement industry, Paper industry, Food industry and etc.

          To meet the growing demand of the domestic market, M.W.A Group built a new headquarters in 2015. As well as currently we are building a new factory to support our “Build & Repair” Service and other purpose. We expect that the process will be done by 2017